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User Showcase

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This webpage showcases the research and results coming from users of the Ocean Colour CCI (OC-CCI) dataset. It aims to highlight what’s possible and inspire others to download and use the data. We also have a growing list of publications resulting from the OC-CCI team and users.

Stephanie Dutkiewicz (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Stephanie’s research focuses on climate change simulations and the ocean-colour signal that would be detected. Reflectances from 475 -525 nm have the strongest signal, and the model captures a decrease in variability that’s also seen in OC-CCI product.

David Ford (Met Office)

David‘s research has involved comparing the OC-CCI dataset to other satellite datasets and model runs, and then assimilating Chlorophyll-a (Chl-a) data to see how estimates of carbon dioxide fluxes are improved.

Stefano Ciavatta and Susan Kay (Plymouth Marine Laboratory/National Centre for Earth Observation)

Susan and Stefano are assimilating the CCI Chl-a to produce a reanalysis for the North East Atlantic. This can support the understanding and management of the shelf ecosystem in relation to eutrophication, fisheries and carbon fluxes.

Anton Korosov, A. Samuelsen and M. Gharamti (Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Center)

Anton, and colleagues at NERSC, are validation and tuning artic ecosystem models through data assimilation using OC CCI data; an input to the Copernicus Arctic Marine Forecasting Centre.

Marie-Fanny Racault (Plymouth Marine Laboratory)

Marie-Fanny’s ESA Living Planet Fellowship focuses on the CLimate Impact on MARine ECOsystem State (CLIMARECOS). This includes an assessment of the impacts of El Niño and global observations of phenology.

Shovonlal Roy (University of Reading)

Ocean-colour data is used for algorithm development, data assimilation into ecological models and the development of models. This includes algorithms to estimate the phytoplankton carbon-to-chlorophyll ratio.

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